The Five Attributes of Torah – 5770

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Drasha for Shavuous – 5770
(45 min.)

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Torah Transformation- 5769
(45 min.)

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True Peace – 5769
(11 min.)

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Various Inyanim About Shavuous – 5769
(44 min.)

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Chag Matan Torah
(51 min.)

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Hilchos Yom Tov
(43 min.)

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What is the Torah?
(50 min.)

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Are you prepared for Kabbalas haTorah?

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Laws & Customs of Shavuos


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Why do we Celebrate the Giving of the Torah on Shavuous?
(45 min.)

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The Importance of Keeping Minhagim (Customs)
(11:40 min.)

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