Sefiras Haomer / Lag B’omer

Sefiras Haomer and The Three Shabbasos – 5770

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Striving Towards Perfection – 5770

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Halachos of Sefiras HaOmer – 5769 (22 min.)

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Lessons from Sefiras HaOmer (54 min.)

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Sefiras HaomerSefiras HaOmer and the Mitzva of Loving our Neighbors as Ourselves

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Lag B’Omer in a Nutshell
(4:15 min.)

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Tal Umatar (Praying for Rain)

The Halachos and Hashkafos of Praying for Rain (31 min.)

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BaHa”B in a Nutshell
(3:18 min.)

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Shana Meuberes (The Leap Year)

The Jewish Leap Year

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The Halachos of Yahrzeit on a Shana Meuberes

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Why is a Jewish Leap Year called a Shana Meuberes – A “Pregnant Year”?

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Yom Hashoa

Yom HaShoah – Debunking the Myth of Jews going as sheep to the Slaughter
(22 min.)

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Yom Ha’atzmaut

Yom Hazikaron & Yom HaAtzmaut
Gratitude, 5770

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Different Perspectives on the State of Israel
Deliverd at Sharfman’s Seminary, April 16, 2007 (68 min.)

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Different Perspectives on the State of Israel
1st part of a series of lectures deliverd at Michlala Seminary, April 16, 2007 (30 min.)

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Yom HaAtzmaut
(59 min.)

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Establishing New Yomim Tovim
An analysis of when we are and when we are not allowed to establish yamim tovim – Rabbi Leff discusses the halachos, hashkafos and history of the establishment of Jewish holidays throughout our history and whether or not they apply to Yom Ha’atzmaut. (80 minutes)

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