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Parshas Hashavua

Ask Rabbi Leff

Various Halachos

The Maggid of Matityahu

Hilchos Shmita

Published Materials

Amud Yomi

Wednesday Night at the Nordens

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Special Shiurim

Special Shiurim

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About the Content Areas of this Site

Parshas Hashavua - Each week, Rabbi Leff records a drasha exploring a mitzvah or midah of the weekly Torah reading. These audio clips are between 30 and 60 minutes in length and are free. as is all audio content on this site.

Amud Yomi - Six days a week at Moshav Matityahu, Rabbi Leff teaches a group of about 20 men a page of Talmud with Rashi. This popular shiur, about 45 minutes daily, is replete with practical halacha and Rabbi Leff's unique insights.

Q&A - Listen to Rabbi Leff's recorded answers to hundreds of fascinating questions submitted by visitors to this Web site. A very wide range of topics is addressed. Submit your own question for Rabbi Leff to answer.

Wednesday Night at the Norden's - Every Wednesday night, Rabbi Leff gives a shiur in various topics in Jewish Philosophy to members of his community and visitors from nearby towns. We are currently learning Derech Hashem - The Way of G-d.

Various Halachos - An assortment of halachos (Jewish law).

Pikei Avos - Ethics of our Fathers according to the Abarbanel.

Hilchos Shmita - In preparation of the Shmita year (every 7th year in the Jewish calendar, we are commanded to let the Land of Israel lay fallow), Rav Leff teaches the laws we need to know to properly observe this mitzva.

The Jewish Year - Throughout the year, Rabbi Leff speaks about the laws, customs and deeper meanings of the Jewish holidays and fast days. These selections include both brief and full-length shiurim.

Hilchos Shabbos - Rabbi Leff teaches the laws of the 39 malachos (forbidden activities) of Shabbos. This series was recorded during a weekly shiur given by Rabbi Leff at his community at Moshav Matityahu.

The Maggid of Matityahu - Rabbi Aharon Krokotzky, the assistant Rabbi of Matityahu and the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Gedola Matisyahu brings the weekly Torah portion alive with his endearing and entertaining style, through the use of parables and anecdotes.

Published Material - Read a selection of materials written by Rabbi Leff, as well as various articles and biographies published about Rabbi Leff. Includes a link to his well-known book Outlooks & Insights on the Weekly Torah Portion.


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