I want to commend and thank my dear friend, Rafi Shachar for creating this website and enabling me to share Torah ideas and ideals with an extended audience. Rafi and Chaya Shachar are Torah activists who dedicate their time and efforts to personal Torah growth, as well as to projects that benefit the tzibbur (public) spiritually and materially.

In this electronic forum, various Divrei Torah (Torah lessons) will be presented. From shiurim (lessons) that I give on a regular basis and from special shiurim.

One should be aware that sometimes the shiur was directed at a specific audience. One should take this into consideration when listening to that shiur.

As with all Torah, one should not take the general points made as specific advice for any specific situation, since people and situations vary. The decision one makes must be guided by the da'as Torah of one who is familiar with him and the factors unique to his situation. Any halacha (Jewish law) mentioned should not be taken as a practical psak halacha (legal decision) to be implemented until one checks with his personal rav (rabbi) as to how he rules on that halachic issue.

I welcome questions and observations, and hope this medium will provide an incentive to provide Torah learning and living, and lead to a Kiddush Hashem (Sancitification of G-d's name).

Any monies generated through advertising and dedication will be used for tzedakka (charity) purposes and therefore can be taken from ma'aser money (tithes).