An Overview of The Halachos of Shabbos

1. Intro

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2. Psik Reisha, Maleches Machsheves, etc.

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3. Psik Reisha, Gramma, Mikalkel, etc.

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4. D’Oriasa vs. D’Rabanan, Maleches Miskayemes, Shinui, etc.

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5. Planting (zoreya)

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6. Planting, cont. (zoreya)

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7. Gathering (meamber).

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8. Threshing (dash)

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9. Threshing, cont.(dash)

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10. Threshing, cont. (dash)

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11. Threshing, cont. (dash)

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12. Threshing, cont. (dash)

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13. Winnowing (zoreh)

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14. Selecting, intro (borer)

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15. Selecting, cont (borer)

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16. Selecting, cont (borer)

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17. Grinding (tochein)

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18. Sifting (meraked)

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19. Kneading (losh / lisha)

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20. Cooking (bishul)

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21. Cooking (bishul)

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22. Cooking (bishul)

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23. Cooking (bishul)

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24. Cooking (bishul – hatmana)

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25. Shearing (gozez)

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26. Bleaching (melaben)

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27. Bleaching (melaben)

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28. Bleaching (melaben)

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29. Coloring (tzoveya)

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30. Coloring (tzoveya)

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31. Coloring (tzoveya)

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32. Sewing (tofer)

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33. Sewing (tofer)

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34. Tying/Untying (kosher/matir)

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35. Tying/Untying (kosher/matir)

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36. Tearing (koreya)

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37. Trapping (tzad)

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38. Slaughtering (shochet)

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39. Flaying (mafshit)

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40. Smoothing Out (memachek)

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41. Writing (koseiv)

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42. Writing (koseiv)

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43. Writing (koseiv)

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44. Building (boneh)

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45. Building (boneh)

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46. Building (boneh)

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47. Building (boneh)

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48. Completing (makeh b’patish)

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49. Completing (makeh b’patish)

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50. Completing (makeh b’patish)

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51. Lighting and Extinguishing Fires (maver & mechabe)

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52. Lighting and Extinguishing Fires (maver & mechabe)

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53. Carrying (hotza’a)

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54. Carrying (hotza’a)

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55. Carrying (hotza’a)

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56. Asking non-Jews to do work for Jews on Shabbos (amira l’akum)

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57. Muktza – 1 — A preface to muktza

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58. Muktza – 2 — Muktza machamas chisaron kis

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59. Muktza – 3 — Muktza machamas gufo

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60. Muktza – 4 — Muktza machamas melachto l’issur

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61. Muktza – 5 — Muktza machamas issur, muktza machamas mitzva, muktza machamas mius, nolad

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62. Muktza – 6 — Gamro B’vnei Adam

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63. Bosis L’Davar Asur – 1

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64. Bosis L’Davar Asur – 2

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65. Bosis L’Davar Asur – 3

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66. Amira L’Akum

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