Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

1 An Introduction – How to View Historical Events from a Torah Perspective (37 min.)

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2 An Introduction – How to View Historical Events from a Torah Perspective- continued (22 min.)

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3 Is there a connection between Amalek and Germany? (28 min.)

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4 Viewing History Through the Eyes of the Torah (39 min.)

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5 The Parameters of Yom HaShoa, Debunking the Myth of Jews Having Gone as Sheep to the Slaughter During the Shoah – Part 1 (38 min.)

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6 The Parameters of Yom HaShoa, why there is controversy concerning Yom HaShoa – Part 2 (37 min.)

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7 The Concept of Tzaddik V’Ra Lo, Rasha V’Tov Lo – Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people? (43 min.)

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8 The Importance of Seeing the Whole Picture (44 min.)

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9 The Importance of Seeing the Whole Picture, cont. (34 min.)

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10 If Everything G-d Does is for The Best, Why Do We Need to Pray? (47 min.)

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11 If Everything G-d does is for the best, why do we mourn when people die? (50 min.)

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12 A summation of how to view suffering. (49 min.)

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13 The Beginnings of the Holocaust (21 min.)

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14 The Beginnings of the Holocaust – part 2 (17 min.)

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15 How Are We to React to the “Pride Parade” (What are appropriate forms of Protes (47 min.)

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16 Should we be searching for reasons for the Holocaust? (42 min.)

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17 What the Gedolim said about why the Holocaust happened (43 min.)

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18 One of the Causes of the Holocaust – Rampant Assimilation – As Prophesized by Rav Yaakov Emden (17 min.)

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19 One of the Causes of the Holocaust – The Opportunity We Had to Go To Eretz Yisrael that We Didn’t Take Advantage of – from the Teachings of The Meshech Chochma on Parshas Bechukosai (56 min.)

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20 Rav Eliahu Dessler – Combining the Opinions of Rav Yaakov Emdedn and The Meshech Chochma (10 min.)

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21 The Beis Halevi on the subject of Jew-hatred (44 min.)

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22 Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzenski’s “Achiezer” on Reasons for the Terrible Plight of the Jewish People Right Before the Shoah

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23 A Synopsis of The Netziv’s kuntras “She’er Yisrael” on the Causes of Anti-Semitism

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24 Different Perspectives on the State of Israel and Secular and Religious Zionism (52 min.)

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25 How the Philosophy of Secular Zionism Could Have Been Attributed as a Cause of the Holocaust (48 min.)

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26 Why so many Religious Jews didn’t make Aliyah when there was a chance? (43 min.)

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27 Assimilation as a Root Cause for the Tzoris (troubles and tribulations) of Klal Yisrael (52 min.)

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28 What is Sinas Chinam? (46 min.)

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29 Another Cause of the Holocaust – Talking During Davening (12 min.)

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30 Causes of the Holocaust – cont.

(16 min.)

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31 Causes of the Holocaust – cont.

(11 min.)

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32 Causes of the Holocaust – cont.

(21 min.)

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33 Shylas & Tshuvas (questions and answers) asked during the Shoah: 1 – Are there any circumstances when suicide is permitted? (21 min.)

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34 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont.- 2 – Is it permitted to give up one’s own life in order to save the life of someone else? (21 min.)

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35 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 3 – Is it permitted to learn and teach Torah if it will risk one’s life? (31 min.)

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36 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 4 – Is it permitted to masquerade as a non-Jew to save one’s life? (31 min.)

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37 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 5 – Is it permitted to bribe the enemy to let one’s family member live if it would mean that someone else would be murdered in his place? (33 min.)

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38 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 6 – Is it permitted to send one’s child to be raised by non-Jews in order to save their lives? (24 min.)

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39 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 7 (28 min.)

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40 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 8 – The Nusach of the Bracha one makes when being Mekadesh Hashem with one’s life (24 min.)

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41 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 9 – Should people have gotten married during the Shoah? (7 min.)

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42 Shylas & Tshuvas, cont. 10 – Moving Jewish bones, One who was forced to tear up a mezuza, Making a blessing on non-kosher food, cannibalism, using things that people used when they were killed, removing tattoos, Saying ‘Kaddish’ for gentile who saved the life of a Jew (35 min.)

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43 Are the Germans Amalek? Should we boycott Germany and German products? etc.

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